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Whether you need to scan stacks of family photos, scores of documents, or even just the occasional business card, theres a scanner designed for the task. Already downloaded our free software on itunes to your ipod 5 or 6 or iphone 5. These durable id scanners are the best in the industry and prove to be very reliable. Get our scanner attachment for faster scanning and the ability to read mag stripe ids. The raptor emergency management school security system combines best practices with 21st century technology to provide your district with a comprehensive solution including drill management, active incident management, and parentstudent reunification. Proscan software is what i use to stream my scanners to the internet. School visitor products school security software school. Id scanner for age verification, form filling, fake id detection. This system is designed to be operated by school staff and is usually installed on a district provided computer. To use the id card creation software, one does not have to have a big enterprise. While your staff is busy scanning student id cards, all scans are recorded and. Cuttingedge id reader and image processing solution for drivers licenses and medical insurance cards. The software can be used by a school teacher to create badges for the students for some event or activity. The scanner snaps high quality digital images of id cards, populating the cards text into appropriate fields within seconds.

Purchasing a barcode scanner model from 5star students ensures that you receive a unit that has been specifically configured and tested with our system. Want to use our id scanner with an ipod 4 or 6 preinstalled with our software. Scan visitor photo id s, use frequent visitor keytags, print secure visitor badges, sex offender background check, tardy and early dismissal tracking, approved pickup lists, volunteer hours tracking, facultystaff time tracking, and. One school we work with has reported scanning 500600 students at five 5 exits in about seven 7 minutes. Medical card scanning scan and process medical insurance card data and autopopulate integrated emr solutions. The product sets new milestones in priceperformance ratio and durability with features such as large intuitive color touch screen display, verbal or audible warnings, customer visit counters, onscreen reporting, customer relationship management features like tagging. Fingerprint scanners in schools fingerprint scanners in. Veriscan desktop is an effective and easy to operate id processing database software with ability to capture photo image via a connected camera.

Scan id application scan id is an application for scanning and managing driver licenses, medical and insurance cards, and other identification cards. When an id is inserted, the id scanner will grab the id and pull it through the scanner. Easylobby secure visitor management system for k12 schools easylobbysystemk12 11. Operated by school staff, scan visitor photo ids, use frequent visitor keytags, print secure visitor badges, sex offender background check, tardy and early. Visitors hand over a drivers license or other government id, which is fed into a handsize scanner. A visitor presents a valid driver license andor state issued id and it is scanned. Track attendance and control access remotely at unlimited locations. We develop, create and sell the most advanced age verification, forensic and mobile data capture devices on the market, and can be used to give your business data input confidence with almost any form of state or military identification cards in the us or canada. Apr 28, 2015 veriscan desktop is an effective and easy to operate id processing database software with ability to capture photo image via a connected camera. To use a barcode on an id card, you first scan the barcode with a barcode reader. That photo will be shown to any authorized app user the next time that credential is scanned. Visitor management system software for schools raptor. Schools find sex offenders as they scan visitor ids raptor.

Today a huge number of people are using the id card creator software to smoothen their regular professional life. The computer and school check in see the scanner as just another input device like a keyboard. Welcome to, the most complete resource available for id scanning technology solutions for your businesses. Your app users scan a card, wristband or fob with a barcode or nfc tag, and then take the persons photo. Attendance tracking app to checkin and checkout codereadr. A multi purpose id scanning software, designed for speed and simplicity. Idscan ocr for driver licenses is a driver license scanner system that extracts the full card image, face image, signature image and full text data of the id card arranged in appropriate text fields, into an external file, clipboard or third party software. Here is a video showing you the speed of how fast ssica 2. Looking for a complete student and visitor id system with attendance tracking software for your preschool, k12, or college campus. As the name implies, freescan is free software that can program your dma dynamic memory allocated uniden scanners. This software is limited to just the uniden sc230, bc246t, ubc3500xlt, br330t, bcd396t, bc346xtc, bcd396xt, bct15x, bcd996xt, bct15 and bcd996t, bcd996p2. Collect, update, and maintain your visitor records. The scanshell 2000r is an a4 driver license scanner.

All of our school id card printers come with free lifetime phone and email support to keep your id system printing smoothly. Our photo id scanner captures data from both sides of the id to help provide the most accurate data possible. Also, if you use nfc, you can verify the authenticity of the credential. Id scanner app to scan id cards and provision credentials. Scanning school issued id cards is significantly faster and more accurate than using paper lists to record attendance. Scan drivers licenses and ids issued by governments, employers, educational. Reason behind this is that fingerprint scanners in schools are capable of capturing and authenticating the students quite accurately, while eliminating the requirement of manual hard work at the same time. Learn more about some of our id scanners by clicking one below. Businesses and schools can now track attendance and control access. Our identity exchange feature is an alternative solution to scanning id cards with a. It scans and stores driver licenses, medical and insurance cards, and other photo ids, and creates a searchable database of the scanned cards. This handheld and rugged scanner is perfect for quick id scanning for long lines of customers. When the visitor checks out, the bar code is scanned from the badge. Id scanner and software to capture information from us and international id cards, drivers licenses and other government issued identity credential.

Raptor technologies the gold standard in school safety systems. From any state issued photo id, our software captures the visitors photo, name, address. School visitor software school security software school. Click to see how raptor can solve your school security challenges. School visitor software school security software school safety. Instant screening against sex offender, custody, and other customized databases accurate, reliable, searchable visitor recordkeeping easytouse districtwide or individual school visitor report creation an emergency panic button to instantly alert designated school officials and first responders. It accommodates schools both small and large and allows the simple. Ssica scan student identification card authorization. Have you ever wondered how to record your scanner audio. Capable of reading id card, insurance cards and even scanning of rigid plastic credit cards with embossed letters. Before ticketing 4 schools, our school sold tickets using the most inefficient, slow, and frustrating system imaginable. Id scanning software business card scanner and id scanner. Powered by software featuring to accurately read cards from all 50 states.

Additionally, this can help school and business administrators keep track of their. An immediate check is made against the national sex offender list and your deny. The reader feeds the data into a computer system, which pulls up the information associated with that code. Id scanner app provisions any id or credential instantly by scanning an id and the. Fingerprint scanners in schools are nowadays quite common. The project is a system that takes down students attendance using barcode.

Now, we simply scan id cards to sell the tickets, scan the students into the dance, then print out the reports for our financial office. Idvisor smart v2 is the perfect id scanner for your ageverified business, featuring a large variety of intuitive features. Id scanners our ocr scanners id scanner and id reader for. Scan id is a powerful card scanning software which helps you to scan, manage, and maintain driver licenses and other identification cards. It is capable of reading the information us and canadian driver licenses and automatically placing the data into their respective fields. Apr 30, 2010 drivers license id scanner autofilling any application any pc with no software installation duration. School id card printers to print student id cards easybadges. Barcodes edge offers a comprehensive id card product solution for your school id needs.

Since this scanner is the smallest a4 color scanning device among our variety of id scanners, it offers portability, convenience and flexibility to both users in an office environment as well as to those who are on a business trip. These digital passes are kept on the individuals phone and scanned at the schoolsafeid kiosk. The software controls any twain scanner functionality, scanning and processing scanned images and inserting them into a powerful database. Idvisor smart v2 age verification id scanner by tokenworks. Drivers license scanner pms hotels lodging accommodations. School id card solutions barcodes edge barcodes inc. The barcode itself does not store very much information, but simple points to the information stored in the database software. Attendance tracking app for businesses, associations and schools to track employees, members and students attendance by scanning ids or nfc tagscards.

The software 4 schools customer service has been incredible and extremely helpful. Student id system with school attendance tracking software. Learn more about attendance tracking nfc solutions. Students just have to scan their cards using barcode scanner and the system notes down their attendance as per dates. You can scan 45 id cards per minute and you can have 10 or 100 people scanning id cards at the same time. Enable visual verification without issuing photo ids. This solution enables school administrators to quickly scan a visitors drivers license or governmentissued id card and verify that persons identity. This metrologic scanner comes complete with a stand and is a usb device. Verify age quickly without disrupting the purchase transaction in your convenience store. Check out our teacherinabox attendance tracking kit a prepackaged system with topofthe line hardware, software, and accessories all preconfigured to work together right out of the box.

Drivers license id scanner autofilling excel youtube. To scan timestamp, capture method barcode, nfc, lookup, manual entry, etc. Choosing the right school id card printer can be difficult, easy badges can help. Everyday we help schools and universities easily design and print id badges of all kinds.

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