National history day performance rules

All history day students are encouraged to find a person or event related to the theme and describe to us how the course of history was altered as a result of their actions. National history day maryland history day state contest. Reusing, individually or as a group, a project or research from a project from a previous year, or entering a project in multitple contests or entry categories within a contest year tampering with any part of the project of another student. National history day 2020 breaking barriers in history. Wyoming history day state contest national history day. Educators and students are strongly encouraged to read the full list of rules in the nhd rule book, available online at documentary historians use documentaries to present their research through film. Texas history day provides a framework for successful student projects. The only portion of the history day program with specific deadlines is the contest. Rules verification checklist historical paper student name paper title word count of paper general rules requirement.

Homeschooled students may participate through the public school they would attend if they. Further information on rules can be found in the national history day rule book. Entries in this category must have dramatic appeal, but not at the expense of historical information. No other information school, state, teacher, course is contained on this page. Some of our finest young historians have labored for months preparing their entries and are eager to share their outstanding historical research and conclusions with you. A paper is the traditional form of presenting historical research. Sofia cavicchia, sajda adam, cindy sako, april serrano, sarah row sustaining the roots central high school. National history day in pa army heritage center foundation. History day rules are determined by the national history day program, ensuring that each state follows the same guidelines. Winner of the 2016 junior division greater denver metro nhd contest. History day performances are short plays researched, no longer. An excellent graphic guide that explains the nhd judging process and provides tips for judges courtesy of minnesota nhd 2019.

Faqs national history day nhd contest rules chester. Exhibits can be interactive experiences by asking viewers to play music, look at a video, or open a door or window to see more documents or photos. The national history day program is an excellent opportunity for you to develop critical thinking skills, analyze multiple perspectives and conduct indepth research about a topic in history which you are passionate about. Exhibits use color, images, documents, objects, graphics, and design, as well as words, to tell your story. Michigan history day is run by the historical society of michigan hsm and sponsored by the meijer foundation. Hawaii history day program rules national history day. I have researched and written this paper in the last year. However, like the other project types, it comes with a set of strict requirements. The links below will help as you work on your national history day project. National history day nhd programs are open to all students. Utah history day is utahs official national history day affiliate. National history day montgomery county district contest.

Students present their projects in an exhibit, performance, documentary, paper or website project. Each year, hundreds of middle and high school students from southcentral pa adams, cumberland, dauphin, franklin, fulton, and perry counties participate in our regional competition. How a high schooler helped reunite twins 74 years after their world war ii deaths. State finals for 2020 historical society of michigan. National history day nhd is similar to illinois history in many ways, students complete a project research paper, exhibit, website, documentary, or performance at a regional or state level in hopes of making it to the final stage of competition. Formerly called utah history fair, this program has operated continuously in utah since 1980. Thank you for your interestagreeing to serve as a judge for the national history day nhd contest. Contact your district coordinator for registration deadlines and contest details in your local competition. Walt disney and the exchange that started it all nhd 2016.

National history day is an engaging and challenging yearlong educational program for students in grades 612. Judges provide the contests evaluation, but also the crucial professional feedback that helps students improve their entries and overall history skills. It is imperative that we be aware of these changes. Please note that failing to give proper credit is plagiarism. Educators and students may choose to participate in some or all parts of the history day program and may generally adapt the schedule to fit the needs of their classrooms. First place winners from the northern and southern state contests are eligible to compete in the national history day contest, an event hosted by the university of marylandcollege park, in june.

The contest rule book is available in english and spanish, however, all entries entered for history day competition must be in english. Read history day theme should be completed in september. Judges are invaluable components of national history day, and we are glad that you are interested in being a part of this educational and memorable event for our states students. Some of our finest young historians have labored for months preparing their. Be sure to note any rule violations and decide how that should affect your final. History day culminates in the presentation and evaluation of these projects at school, district, state and national history days. If you have a rules question, please contact sarah aschbrenner. In short, the official national history day rules did not change halfway through the school year.

Mansfield high students making history come to life. Performance category judging criteria and rules south. Various types of creative writing for example, fictional diaries, poems, etc. Iwe understand that the performance time begins after the title of the entry and the names of the participants are announced.

Use landscape to view table back to 2018 start page qualifiers, junior division, national history day philadelphia 2018. At the contest, students will present their dramatic performance to the judges and audience, then have a short interview with the judges about the project, research process, and other specifics related to the topic. National history day will be held virtually on june 1418, 2020. Process papersamples ccs national history day 20192020. National history day in pa nhd engages students in grades 612 in the process of discovery and interpretation of historical topics. At the beginning of the category rules for papers in the national history day rule book, there is a description of papers. Rules verification checklist performance national history day. Dont neglect to check out the performance rules verification sheet to make sure your project meets all of the nhd submission guidelines. Thank you for agreeing to serve as a judge for the national history day nhd contest. Thank you for agreeing to serve as a judge for the national history day nhd.

National history day in delaware teacher registration national history day teaches, prepares, inspires. Students produce dramatic performances, imaginative exhibits, multimedia documentaries, web sites, and papers based on research related to an annual theme. Trio of bdhs students head to maryland for national history day. Rules national history day in minnesota history education mn. Students with dramatic flair and an interest in public speaking might choose to do a performance. Students from all over the country come together in. Be sure to check the nhd contest rulebook for complete category rules. I certify that this national history day project is the result of my unique academic work.

Or group performance, and word count of process paper. Projects at all regional contests should to follow the general rules for all categories as well as categoryspecific rules. About the michigan history day mhd program michigan history day and its regional and state competitions are part of the national history day contest nhd competition. National history day is an academically acclaimed program with over 500,000 students participating nationally each year. Each year more than 65,000 texas students join more than 500,000 students across the country for national history day. Calil morris from constitution high school accepts his medal for first place in the senior division group performance category from jeffrey g. Each student bases their project on the same annual theme and rule book. National history day in minnesota is sponsored by the minnesota historical society and the university of minnesota, department of history. Complete topic selection worksheet when you select a topic, make sure the words leadership and legacy are in the title. The exhibit category is three dimensional and is displayed on a physical structure. Riverside county history day is open to all students public, private, nonsecular, homeschool, and charter at grade levels 412 who are being educated within riverside county boundaries. Some teachers however, set specific requirements for the schoollevel project, which may be more lenient than the official rules. Visit for resources like topic lists, research days, and online databases. The history day performance category allows you to create a play that conveys a.

These are the first thing that judges read, so you dont want to save this part of your history day project until the last minute. Walt disney and the exchange that started it all by. National history day challenges students in grades 4 12 in an interdisciplinary research project that embraces project based learning, connecting seamlessly with. Iwe can clean up from the performance in five minutes or fewer. National history day in idaho is an inquirybased studentled program for students to develop 21 st century skills including historical literacy, analysis and interpretation, critical thinking and problem solving, collaboration, creativity, selfdirection and digital literacy as well as study historical issues, ideas, people, and events. National history day websites visiting the national history day website is integral to the success of the project.

Our colleagues at minnesota history day and nhd developed a rules change summary document. Iwe can set up the performance in five minutes or fewer. Review the national history day rule book with your teacher and family. This years theme, breaking barriers in history will inspire students to research a variety of different topics. Process papers and annotated bibliographies your process paper and annotated bibliography are important parts of the judging process.

Hayden gold, sean mcclendon, connie zhang naming the unnamed central high school. A live performance may be one of the most exciting ways to participate in history day. Timing starts at the beginning of the performance following the announcement of the title and student names. Hawaii history day is a state affiliate of national history day nhd. We are thrilled that you are participating the 2020 wyoming history day state contest. A group exhibit, group performance, or group documentary must be the work of 2 to 5. National history day carlisle area school district. The performance is fewer than ten minutes from start to finish. Additionally, national history day maintains a list of general rules for all history day entries and rules for each category. National history day teaches critical thinking, writing, and research skills and boosts performance across all subjects. Messiah college hosts the region 8 contest for national history day in pa.

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